Art of Visual Storytelling


I created this MEME as a representation of one of the biggest rules in creative writing. I thought it would be a great idea to put the message on the chart that’s used to test our vision.

Writers give readers vision. If the writer tells the reader then he/she won’t be able to properly see the picture. Our words are like glasses to readers minds.

This image is a representation of the vision we must portray as writers. What do you think? How important is this rule for you? What is your journey with this golden rule? How have you struggled and how have you gotten better? Feel free to leave feedback


Buster Baxter Does The Laundry

NOTE: Below is a creative writing brain workout of Buster Baxter doing the laundry that I have completed this week in The Art of Visual Storytelling. Enjoy.

Buster Baxter Does The Laundry by Dee Kyles

Buster Baxter finished eating his infamous Pineapple Pizza Root Beer Milkshake. He walked to the basement and opened the door with sticky hands then skipped down the basement stairs with semi dried chocolate syrup sticking to the right corner of his mouth.

Once down the stairs, Buster went straight to the washing machine to move wet clothes into the drier. He reached inside the washer grabbing at whatever he could feel first with his splotched palms and syrup stained fingers like the claw inside of a stuffed-animal filled arcade game. Everything he put into the drier was stained and still dirty. The white shirt he needed for a band recital had faint colored sprinkle prints on the collar. His favorite shirt had patches of chocolate on them the same size of his left hand, but he didn’t even notice. It was his favorite shirt because of the multiple stains it already had on it. He noticed a pale yellow stain and thought mmmm, that was the time I won the cities lemon meringue pie eating contest. 

Buster closed the drier with clean silky hands and started the machine. He lifted himself on the top of the drier and felt a scratch on his leg from the inside of his pocket. Startled, Buster looked at his pocket with eyes as big as his appetite. He reached his hand in his pocket passing the crumbs of other forgotten snacks and pulled out a pack of Space Rockin’ Poppin’ Candy Asteroids. He opened the bag and stuffed his face. His mouth felt like a sweet Fourth of July as the drier rumbled and warmed him to a snoring and sugar drooling nap.

Do you get a real feel of who Buster is? Is the imagery strong enough? Can you see Buster doing the laundry? What do you think?

This Week’s Feelin’

This week is about feeling! I chose these pictures because I remember the FEELING I had with this shoot. This was my first real photoshoot; We took about 200 plus photos (I was much more trigger happy then than I am now). Are these the best photos? NO. Quite honestly, it’s far from my best work, but there is still something there! VIBRANCE.

This post inspires me to keep growing and keep feeling. I used to be really hard on myself and felt I wasn’t good enough but this isn’t true. Just because something doesn’t go as planned or didn’t turn out the way you wanted, doesn’t mean that it’s a waste. It means that there is an opportunity to get better and learn.

I bombed a worksheet last week, and my grade suffered GREATLY. Was that my best work? NO. Quite honestly, it was unintentionally lackadaisical, but there was still something there! ROOM TO GROW AND LEARN. When I came across this picture I remembered that same feeling. So I pose the question: How are you feeling?

Model: Timothy Zackery

📷📸: AnonymousKyles

Inspiration of the Week

When I saw this picture of a mother snow monkey, I wanted to know everything about her. Where she’s from, how her day was and what she would sound like if she could say just one word to me. There is a connection I feel from the pull of her hand and expression on her face. She has led me to a series of documentaries I plan to learn from. She has inspired a quote from within:
“There is no such thing as black and white in a world filled with everything in between.”
– Dee Kyles

Krajewski, Joao. “Hands, eyes, coordenation, inteligence, empathy… I am not sure which of these features impresses me more on the amazing primates! I photographed these beautiful snow monkey mother and baby some years ago in Japan.”* Instagram, 8 September, 2018, (

Inspiration to Live

I recently suggested this video clip of Taraji P. Henson to a classmate as we seemed to have similar stories. I have been obsessed with it sense the night it was aired. I wasn’t looking at the television when I heard her speak these words, and it was a moment of affirmation. I looked up in awe as if someone had given me the secret key to life.

I felt it very deeply because all of my life I have been living for my others. I would always make a choice that was best for me, but I always allowed other people’s fears to slow me down in the decision making process. I was allowing people to project their fears onto me. Taraji P. Henson’s words are the reason why I realized what I was allowing others to do.

Taraji did give me the key to life. It just wasn’t a secret. This video is a reminder that listening to someones opinion does not mean that I must allow their opinion to be my own. This speech is one of the reasons why I applied for grad school and has helped me make the decision to change my career from ELA Teacher to Creative Writer and Artist. Everything I need is accessible; I cannot live without my niche.

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